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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Co-Op program’s 40,000th student

This winter, the University of Ottawa’s Co-operative Education Programs achieved the milestone of placing its 40,000th student. After dropping a few hints on social media, the details of the 40,000th placement were unveiled in a ceremony at Deloitte’s office in downtown Ottawa. To mark the occasion, a plaque was awarded to Robyn Smith, an accounting student at the   …Continue Reading

Getting to the bottom of financial disclosure issues in the not-for-profit sector

Professor Qiu Chen has just published research examining a key transparency issue in the nonprofit sector: to increase opportunities for donations, some managers misreport fundraising and/or administrative expenses as program expenses. Chen set out to determine what happens to director monitoring in such scenarios. She found that when nonprofits underperform financially, directors “understand that their   …Continue Reading

Study by Shantanu Dutta Delves into the Media’s Influence on Deal Outcomes

While the media are considered to play an influential role in business, very little research has been done on the relationship between firm-specific media coverage and corporate decision making. The Telfer School’s Shantanu Dutta is helping to change that with a new study on how business reporting shapes firms’ merger and acquisition decisions. “Our preliminary   …Continue Reading