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Monthly Archives: September 2014

New Study Explores How Third Parties Can Constructively Address Workplace Harassment

Professor Jane O’Reilly will research third parties’ reactions to sexual harassment in the workplace. Past studies on sexual harassment in organizations have understandably focused on the role of perpetrators, victims and the management, with the role third parties receiving comparatively much less attention. However, because victims of sexual harassment do not use the formal organizational   …Continue Reading

Study Demonstrates Importance of Middle Managers in Public Sector Organizations

A recently published study by Gregory Richards, Telfer School of Management, and Linda Duxbury, Carleton University demonstrates the pivotal role of middle managers as knowledge facilitators in public sector organizations. In particular, the research speaks to the importance of middle managers in enabling the use of knowledge by work teams, the impact of knowledge applicability   …Continue Reading

Research Prize in the Innovation and Internationalization of SMEs

Richard Shearmur of McGill University, David Doloreux of the Telfer School of Management and Anika Laperrière (MSc, Telfer School) have won the best paper award in the category of innovation and internationalization of SMEs at the 17th McGill International Entrepreneurship Conference held in Santiago, Chile. Their paper investigates the use of external business services by   …Continue Reading

BCom Student Will Travel to Boston with iGEM uOttawa to Present Their Synthetic Biology Project

Marina Kidisyuk will travel to Boston, Massachussetts with the rest of the uOttawa International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) group to present their synthetic biology project. In order to raise funds to go to Boston, the team partered up with Let’s Talk Science and Mini Enrichment Courses to offer educational seminars for children. Thirty students from   …Continue Reading